fag (fagorz) wrote,

Ok someone explain to me why you'd bother with a "big" harley?

The Evolution 883 Sportster produced only 55 horsepower. The 1100cc V2 XLH made 63 horsepower with an increased bore and 8.5:1 compression. The 1200cc Evo increased horsepower to the 65 to 66 range. It did this by increasing the bore a phenomenal 1/2"over the 883cc model by boring out the same cylinders! Modified heads also contributed to this increase. The hot rod 1200S only upped it a few more to the 69 HP range. Remove the pollution controls from this baby and it flies relative to other XL models.

So since my bike has an upped intake and drag pipes it has about 70 horsepower. If I do the 1200cc kit to it it'd have about 80 horsepower. That blows away a "big" harley and yet mine is 100-200 lbs lighter. Uhhhhh lol@big harleys imo. Explains why it pulls like a god damn mule though. I thought it had wwwwwwwwwway less power.
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